Network Management System Software

ECView Pro / Network Management System Software


Network Topology Mapping

ECView Pro NMS scans the network and automatically generates a topology map so the administrator has a complete view of the network in which each device node is clearly represented.


Multi-Vendor Support

ECView Pro NMS offers multi-vendor support, meaning that a large range of tier one vendor switches are automatically recognized, in addition to Edge-Core and SMC switches. Further, object attributes are automatically discovered and can be easily changed. By right-clicking on an icon, users can provision and manage various network devices through CLI, Telnet, MIB browser, Web interface, or Edge-Core's own Basic View.

Wireless AP Support

In addition, certain SNMP-enabled Wi-Fi access points, such as Edge-Core's own EAP8518 for example, can be managed and provisioned through ECView Pro, making unified wired/wireless access a reality at last.


Network Firmware Upgrades

ECView Pro NMS ensures that all network elements are provisioned with the latest software. It maintains control of software releases and perfoms on-demand or scheduled upgrades to Edge-Core, SMC, and third-party network devices. With its powerful interface, provisioning capabilities, robust auto-discovery, scalable event-driven architecture, flexible configuration, and low-cost deployment, ECView Pro NMS offers enterprise customers powerful tools for the management of Edge-Core and third-party switches. 



Product specification


General Features

Supported Devices (L2 Managed Switch)

ES3528M / ES4524D / ES3528M-SFP / ES3526XA V2 / ES3510 / ES4524M-PoE / ES3528M-PoE / ES3510MA / ES3528 / ES3528-WDM / ES3528M-SFP / ECS3510-28F / ECS4310-26T / SMC8824M /SMC8848M / SMC8024L2 / SMC6128PL2 / SMC6128L2/ SMC6152L2 / SMC8124PL2 / SMC8126L2/ SMC8150L2 / SMC8126PL2 / SMC8926EM

Supported Devices (L3 Managed Switch)

ES4612 / ES4704BD / ES4710BD / ES4626/ ES4650 / ES4624-SFP / ES4626-SFP / ES4626F / ECS4610-26T / ECS4610-50T / ECS4610-24F / SMC8612XL3

Supported Devices (Wireless)

EAP8518 / WA6102X / SMC2555W-AG2

Management Features

Network Management

User Management | Dashboard | Performance Management | Event Manager | Syslog Viewer | Topology Mapping | Asset Manager | Active Monitor | Configuration Manager | Reporting and Report Designer

The listed specification is subject to change without prior notice.

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