Enterprise Solution

Edge-Core provides a full range of managed switch solutions to fulfill different deployment requirements. These switches offer a complete set of advanced software features and a range of configurations to fulfill a variety of networking environment installation requirements, from SMB to enterprise. With PoE options in different models and port counts, it offers the flexibility for organization to deploy Wi-Fi and surveillance services. By combining with Edge-Core’s cost effective, high performance security routers, users are able to discover the benefits of a high-port density, reliable, and superior performance enterprise network.

In addition to feature-rich L2/L3/L4 features, Edge-Core managed switch solutions with its embedded EdgeCOS also emphasize scalability and flexibility for future network expansion. The comprehensive Edge-Core managed switch solution includes the following features:

  • IPv6 support (selected models)

  • A choice of interfaces (Fiber/Copper) for various network needs

  • 40G/10G/GE/FE speeds and uplink supports for a range of network capacity needs

  • Comprehensive QoS and security functions

  • Carrier-class bandwidth management

  • IP and hardware stacking functions to achieve maximum network scalability

  • RIP and OSPF advanced routing features to suit different network needs

  • Versatile web management interfaces for system maintenance convenience

Due to the complexity of integration, this product is sold as completely assembled...
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