Cloud‐Enabled Networking

The IgniteNet™ SunSpot™ AC is cloud‐enabled out of the box allowing for easy, highly scalable installation, configuration, and management

Dual Band AC1200 Operation

The SunSpot™ AC is capable of operaDng simultaneously at 2.4GHz (802.11b/g/n) as well as 5GHz (802.11a/n/ac) to supply ample throughput for the most demanding applications.

Powerful, Flexible Configuration

The SunSpot™ AC can operate either as a stand- alone access point or as a coordinated, cloud‐ managed access point, easily meeting the requirements of any installation.

Robust Yet Simple Mounting Options

The SunSpot™ AC can be wall, ceiling, or desktop mounted, greatly simplifying installations in both offices and homes.




SunSpot™ AC

IgniteNet™’s SunSpot™ AC is the most cost-effecDve, cloud‐managed 802.11ac access point on the market. The SunSpot™ AC contains 2 independent, concurrent operation radios ‐ one 802.11ac (5GHz) radio and one 802.11n (2.4GHz) radio - capable of delivering blisteringly fast wireless speeds. The sleek design of the SunSpot™ AC allows it to be placed inconspicuously in both offices and homes, bringing fast wireless connections to hard‐to‐reach locations

SunSpot™ AC - Indoor single and dual-radio enterprise APs

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SunSpot™ AC - Indoor single and dual-radio enterprise APs