Innovative Radio Connection

The Fusion™ Dish features not only the standard N ­‐ type connection option but also is available with RPSMA pigtails + weather hood as well as with Fusion™ mating, a new, super simple antenna/ radio mating system developed by IgniteNet™.

Dual Polarity or Dual Slant?

The Fusion™ Dish is designed to support both dual polarity (H/V) as well as dual slant operation depending on assembly.  Now one dish can handle both system types!

Versatile, Robust Mounting Design

The Fusion™ Dish innovative mounting design allows for poles varying in size from 5 to 11.4cm (2 to 4.5in.) in diameter.  In addition, adjustment from +/- 30º are made simple and easy




Fusion™ Dish .6m

The IgniteNet™ Fusion™ Dish is a high performance .6m dish for the 2.4GHz and 5GHz unlicensed bands.  Its reimagined design is centered around 3 key ingredients: simplicity, performance, and integration.  For simplicity the Fusion™ Dish dish requires only one tool for assembly and integration.  Also the bracket is thoughtfully designed as two pieces to allow for easy installation. For improved performance, the Fusion™Dish features a redesigned waveguide to enable low-loss radio connections, while simplifying the installation at the same time.  Easy integration is further achieved in the innovative pigtail and weather hood feature.

Fusion™ Dish .6m - Outdoor 2ft/.6m dish antenna

Due to the complexity of integration, this product is sold as completely assembled...
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