1000 Series

Affordable unified storage that supports comprehensive SAN, NAS, and object workloads

(3.5") SAS models

EonStor GSe 1000 Series

Unified storage solutions delivering efficiency and power in a single consolidated file, block and object storage system with optional cloud-integration

Infortrend EonStor GSe Family provides unified storage solutions that incorporate full-featured NAS and SAN with enterprise level data services and RAID protection to deliver the best storage of the highest standards, allowing SMBs and SMEs to easily and cost-effectively integrate and expand their storage architecture into cloud services.

Why EonStor GSe? 

  1. Unified storage providing file, block and object storage
  2. Supports All-flash and hybrid configurations
  3. Outstanding IOPS and throughput performance
  4. Optional cloud-integration for easy expansion and stunning cloud-archive performance
  5. Comprehensive data protection and data services
Due to the complexity of integration, this product is sold as completely assembled...
Enterprise-class performance, data protection, and services and SMB-friendly price points for easy...
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