SAS-to- (2.5") SAS models
1U / 12bay
2U / 24bay

SAS-to- (3.5") SAS models
2U / 12bay
3U / 16bay
4U / 48bay
EonStor DS JBOD Series

Add capacity quickly and easily to meet growing storage demands

EonStor DS-compatible expansion enclosures such as the JB 2000 series deliver high reliability and density. Users can quickly and easily connect enclosures to EonStor DS storage systems for flexible capacity expansion. The incremental approach to capacity scaling effectively satisfies growing application needs and offers great cost benefits by enabling users to "pay as they grow" while reducing wasted upfront investment.

Designed to empower SMB users by leveraging existing investment in IP networks to implement high...
ECS3510-28T - L2 Fast Ethernet Standalone Switch
SunSpot™ AC - Indoor single and dual-radio enterprise APs