iSCSI-to- (2.5") SAS models
1U / 12bay
2U / 24bay

iSCSI-to- (3.5") SAS models
2U / 12bay
3U / 16bay
4U / 24bay
EonStor DS iSCSI-host Series

Designed to empower SMB users by leveraging existing investment in IP networks to implement high availability iSCSI SANs featuring advanced data services

EonStor DS iSCSI systems are designed to help SMB users leverage their existing investments in IP networks to implement high availability IP SANs. With minimized additional costs, maintenance, or team member training, users can easily realize storage consolidation and improve IT efficiency. In addition to fault-tolerant hardware designs, EonStor DS models feature comprehensive data services, including local and remote replication. EonStor DS iSCSI systems are an ideal choice for SMBs who want to achieve enterprise-class availability while staying within controlled budgets.

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