3000 Series
2U /  12bay
3U / 16bay
EonNAS 3000 Series

Versatile and powerful systems meet the needs of businesses and enterprises while still highly affordable

The EonNAS 3000 series delivers user-friendly unified storage tailored to SMBs. Data protection and integrity features include ZFS, while Global Namespace support enables streamlined management. Enterprise-level scalability and data services offer future-proof solutions, with the reliability and availability of redundant designs that keeps business continuity. Key EonNAS capabilities include remote access, consolidated file and block-based app server use, RAID, and snapshot/replication, ensuring consistently dependable storage..

Benefits 4X faster in performance than SATA3 6Gb/s SSDs 30X increased endurance over...
Designed to help SMB users implement high reliability DAS storage solutions with outstanding...
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