Scalability with Advanced Distributed Architecture

Easy on your budget, simple to install and use dynamic rate shifting automatically matches the best connection speed. Separate control path and data path gives you flexibility and configurability. One controller can manage up to 500 units access point, with up to 4 access controllers in one clustering, with total 2000 access point in total. Through 3+1 redundant allocation, with up to 3 access controllers in one clustering, with 1500 access point in total, which is about 5 to 10 times of the same level of traditional wireless controller. ECW5110L includes 16 VAP per radio. Each radio can co-work to different data tunnel switch*. Thus users can re-use their infrastructure investment and provide multiple WISP by multiple data tunnel gateways as flexibility to extend the services.

Load Balance Design

The network is easily scale to accommodate the growth in a cost effective manner. EWS4502 comes with 1+3 clustering design, which eases the customers to seamlessly purchase more Access Control share the increased heavy loading when customer business growth. The device is also equipped with the mechanism to balance wireless traffic in between APs, such as maximum station limitation per SSID .

Fault Tolerance in Redundant AC & AP

The high availability is the key requirement for enterprise/SMB/Campus networks . To achieve the high availability, whenever there’s one specific AC failed, all APs managed by this fail AC will detect this fail case and then discover and link to other AC automatically, the Radio and SSID configuration of the managed AP are also synchrony among clustering AC, so the WLAN service and operation can transfer to new AC seamlessly. While one specific AP failed, the AC will detect this fail case automatically and increase neighbor AP's transmit power to extend neighbor AP coverage, so all stations associated to this failed AP will connect to neighbor AP with enough wireless signal strength and data rate. the wireless service and operation still be available to WLAN user





Wireless Controller and Unified Access Point offer the integrated affordable solutions for business users in the SMBs and enterprise as well as the wireless solutions fitting to hotel and school users. With the scalable and distributed architectures, IT managers can easily design and deploy the wireless networks with centralize management capability.

EWS4502 - Wireless Controller

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