Wireless 802.11ac Technology

Using 802.11ac MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) wireless technology, the AP supports two transmitting and two receiving antennas that extend range and
increase the throughput by up to nine times that of existing Wi-Fi.

TDMA (Time Division Multiple Access) Technology

It is very useful for point to multi-point application. Getting more throughput & Improving the capability of anti-noisy environments and solving hidden nodes are benefit for users.

Narrow Channel Bandwidth Support

Except supporting standard 11ac channel bandwidth( 20, 40 & 80MHz), ECW7310 can support 5 & 10MHz to provide more channel efficiency & fair spectrum utilization.

High power & High Gain

The ECWO5320 supports 27dBm output power. Besides, it supports embedded 5GHz 12dBi dual polarization directional antenna inside. Through high power and high gain antenna technology, it will be suitable for indoor application.

Advanced Traffic Management

Support for up to eight Virtual Access Point (VAP) interfaces per radio, which allows traffic to be separated for different user groups within the same service area.
Each radio can support up to 32 wireless clients, shared between all VAPs, whereby the clients associate with each VAP in the same way as they would with physically separate APs. This means that each VAP can be configured with its own Service Set Identification (SSID), security settings, VLAN assignments, and other parameters, allowing the AP to serve a diverse range of client needs from a single unit.

Full Management Capabilities

The ECWO5320 supports Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP v1/v2c), including MIB II and MIB I.
The IEEE 802.1X authentication protocol supports Extensible Authentication Protocol: Transport Layer Security (TLS), Protected EAP (PEAP), Tunneled TLS (TTLS)

Pole mount

The ECWO5320 provides stainless hose clamp for pole mount as default. Also, will provide optional pole mount kit for more severe environment requirement.





The ECWO5320 is outdoor 802.11a/b/g/n/ac dual-band, dual-radio AP with TDMA technology & 2x2 MIMO antenna configuration. Through its Gigabit Ethernet port, the 802.11ac dual-band wireless AP can connect to the backbone network. The ECWO5320 supports passive PoE, which provide cost effective and enable the AP to be powered by power adapter or injector.

ECWO5320 - 802.11ac Outdoor Dual-Band Wireless Access Point

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