Performance and Scalability
It’s a high performance Gigabit Ethernet access switch with 56Gbps switching capacity, delivers wire-speed switching performance to take full advantage of existing
high-performance on PCs and laptops by significantly improving the responsiveness of applications and file transfer times .

The device also has four Gigabit Ethernet SFP ports for uplink flexibility, allowing the insertion of copper or fiber transceiver to create uplinks port for high speed uplinks
to servers or backbones.

Continuous Availability
IEEE 802.1w Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol provides a loop-free network and redundant links to the core network with rapid convergence, to ensure faster recovery from failed links, enhancing overall network stability and reliability.

IEEE 802.1s Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol runs STP per VLAN base, providing Layer 2 load sharing on redundant links .

Multicast VLAN Registration (MVR) is designed for applications such as Media-on-Demand is using multicast traffic across an Ethernet network.

IGMP snooping prevents flooding of IP multicast traffic and limits bandwidth intensive video traffic to only the subscribers.

The voice VLAN feature enables access ports to carry IP voice traffic from an IP phone.

The IEEE 802.1Q-in-Q VLAN Tag is purpose to expand the VLAN space by tagging the tagged packets.

Comprehensive QoS
Traffic is prioritized according to 802.1p, DSCP, IP precedence and TCP/UDP port number, giving optimal performance to real-time applications such as voice and

Asymmetric bidirectional rate-limiting, per port or per traffic class, preserves network bandwidth and allowing maximum control of network resources.

Enhanced Security
Port Security limits the total number of devices from using a switch port and protects against MAC flooding attacks.

IEEE 802.1x port-based or MAC-based access control ensures all users are authorized before being granted access to the network. When a user is authenticated,
the VLAN, QoS and security policy will be automatically applied the port where the user connected, otherwise it will be grouped to guest VLAN with limited access.

DHCP snooping allows a switch to protect a network from rogue DHCP servers to offer invalid IP address. Access Control Lists (ACLs) can be used to restrict access to sensitive network resources by denying packets based on source and destination MAC addresses, IP addresses, TCP/UDP ports. This is done by hardware, so switching performance is not compromised.

Security Shell (SSHv1.5/v2.0) and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL/HTTPS) encrypt network management information via Telnet and web, providing secure network management.

DAI (Dynamic ARP Inspection) is a security feature that validates Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) packets in a network. DAI allows a network administrator to intercept, log, and discard ARP packets with invalid MAC address to IP address bindings.

Simple Management
Industry standard Command Line Interface (CLI) via console port or Telnet provides a common user interface and command set for users to manipulate the switch.

IP Source Guard is enabled on a trunk port with a large number of VLANs that have DHCP snooping enabled, you might run out of ACL

DHCP Option 82 is feature has a device add information to client TCP/IP configuration requests that it relays to a DHCP server.



ECS4210 Series

The Edge-Core ECS4210 series is a high-performance Gigabit Ethernet Layer 2/4 switch featuring 12/28 ports; 8/24 10/100/1000Base-TX ports and Gigabit Ethernet SFP (Small Form Factor Pluggable ) ports. It is deal for Internet Service Provider to provide up to Gigabit bandwidth service to home user or business user. It is also ideal for enterprise Gigabit to the desktop and wiring closet installations. This switch is packed with features and is a cost-effective solution that brings continuous availability, enhanced security and advanced QoS to the network edge, while maintaining simplicity of management.

ECS4210 Series - L2 Gigabit Ethernet Access Switch

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ECS4110 Series - L2 Gigabit Ethernet Standalone Switch